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Pablo Picasso, „Bacchanale“, Aquatintaradierung

Pablo Picasso, „Bacchanale“, 1959, Aquatintaradierung, ©Elisabeth Stumpfoll, Foto: Horst Stasny

Inspiration körper

picasso bis wesselmann

05. 11. 2023 - 07. 04. 2024

Under the title “Inspiration Körper”, an unpublished private collection of graphic reproductions by important artists of the 20th century is on display on the upper floor of the museum Angerlehner. The representation of the body runs like a common thread through the works and illuminates the artist's inspiration through his muse. With lithographs, etchings, screen prints and photographs, the expression of the body over time and the development of human identity in art can be observed in an impressive way. The range spans from Pablo Picasso to Henri Matisse, Auguste Renoir, Francis Bacon, Tom Wesselmann and Gerhard Richter. Works from the Angerlehner collection enter into dialogue with this.


curator: Elisabeth Stumpfoll


Andjé, Der Kammerjäger

Andjé, Der Kammerjäger, 2023, Foto © Thomas Smetana

Meine Häuser in den wolken


große Ausstellungshalle

Ausstellungsdauer: 05. 11. 2023 - 07. 04. 2024

With Andrzej Pietrzyk (artist name: ANDJÉ), the museum Angerlehner presents a real discovery: an artist who, like a magician, can transform the placelessness of modern life into beauty, a painter and sculptor who has been using brilliant techniques for decades. He creates fantastically dense worlds in the airy nowhere between Berlin, southern France, Miami, New York and Linz. For the exhibition, dramaturgically curated by Vitus Weh, Andrzej Pietrzyk (*1959 in Poland) transforms the large hall of the museum into a walk-in artist's studio and a cloud cuckoo's home at the same time.

curator: Vitus Weh