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MEDIZINBILDER. 2019 - 2020

13.09. - 21.02.2021

The museum Angerlehner hosts the first Austria-wide museum-like solo exhibition of MonikaKus-Picco until February 21st, 2021.

Since 2018, in the run-up to the exhibition in Paris, Monika Kus-Picco has worked exclusively with medicine as hues for her partly large-sized, partly medium-sized paintings. “Expired” medicinal products and liquids are used instead of industrially produced paints and colors mostly on a white base. This gives the paintings a completely new range of colors and an intriguing inner tension. And, by the way, emerge like canvas of the classic tradition and of the modern tradition of abstraction.

The fact that it is about “painted” medicine or painting with medicine is always visually present to the beholder and produces a highly intensive pictorial art.
These up to now unknown hues that apparently come from this non-painting starting point make up a new form of beauty.

The exhibition was being planned for quite some time. Due to the current medical and sanitary crisis it obtains a tremendous topicality.



13.09. - 21.02.2021

In the graphic rooms of the upper floor oil paintings by Martin Praska from the last ten years are displayed.

Praska is a master of figuration and representationalism. Meticulous is his execution – with soft flaws, plays of light and shadow and hightlights. All the more the depicted subjects contrast with the ambience, the diffuse spaces and landscapes. He paints abstractly, messes around and rages expressively, calculates precisely, blends and accentuates subtly.

And just like Praska draws from different styles, equally unrestrainedly he borrows from art history. Caravaggio is cited, just as Rubens, Ingres and Dürer. The old masters are shaken and stirred until a new cocktail of contemporary painting is ready for degustation. Needless to say that nothing is plain and simple here.

The works are of sophisticated complexity and have developed over years, as well as gone ways and wrongs ways, the artist himself explains. Of course, these paintings are narrational and polysemous. Because of this, they are all but easily intelligible and quickly categorizable.



13.09. - 21.02.2021

The gallery rooms show the sculptural and pictorial works by Mario Dalpra. The artist’s fascinating sculptures are colorful bio-, zoo- and anthropomorphic creatures with oftentimes amazingly flexible and limber bodies. The artist, born in Vorarlberg and resident in Vienna and India, skillfully plays on the claviature of a philosophic-minimalistic art experience.

Already the exhibition’s title “Be Inspired” anticipates the artist’s philosophy and message: “The freedom of art, offering the beholder a purely individual and collective art experience without compulsion concerning concept and installation which is detached from the diction of the art market and an art-scientific interpretation.

“Be Inspired” is the answer to our hectic and overloaded world, the greed for consumption and constant entertainment of which gives rise to alienation – within ourselves and in the interaction with “the other”.

Dalpra’s works place a special emphasis on sensations, joy and the discussion of aesthetics of surfaces. He does not remain short on a reflective response to a current hurtful and disturbing world.

Hannah Winkelbauer

Lost & Found

30.08. - 15.11.2020

Crayon works by Hannah Winkelbauer are displayed in the museum’s “Salon” under the title “Lost & Found”. The artist focuses her view on unremarkable objects and addresses with a painstakingly fine technique the beauty behind apparently hideous surfaces. In doing so resonate topics like transcience, environmental consciousness and the aesthetics of everyday life.

The subjects range from rotten vegetables over dead animals to cut-off pigtails and lost clothes.

“Winkelbauer lets us notice the beauty in the plain and ordinary – even in the discarded and morbid, in a carelessly crumpled-up sheet of paper just as in a semi-rotten apple or in any vegetable.”, is how curator Günther Oberhollenzer puts it.

Winkelbauer draws her subjects with crayons as accurately as possible on paper in order to later on mount them slightly elevated in an object frame. The artist does without backgrounds and like this places the focus on the objects and animals.
The presentation in the object frame forms the neutral background and creates associations with show cases or scientific illustrations.


Museum Angerlehner
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Monday - Friday auf Anfrage (nur für Gruppen)

Saturday 14:00 - 18:00

Sunday 10:00 - 18:00

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