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Abbildungen ©Museum Angerlehner | v. l. n. r.:

Irene Andessner, „Ida Pfeiffer“, 2007/10, Fotografie, Ausschnitt,

Gottfried Mairwöger, „Ohne Titel“, 1989, Öl auf LW, Ausschnitt,

Lois Anvidalfarei, „Hic et nunc“, 2014, Bronze

Xenia Hausner, „Eine Künstlerehe“, 1995, Acryl auf Hartfaser, Ausschnitt

Werner Schrödl, „Luftballonaktion“, Fotografie, Ausschnitt

Maria Moser, „Ohne Titel“, 2006, Mischtechnik auf LW, Ausschnitt

Kunst. Leben. Leidenschaft

10 Jahre Museum Angerlehner
Die sammlungsschau


16. 10. 2022 - 15. 10. 2023


The privately run Museum Angerlehner belongs to the most important places for contemporary Art in Austria. The exhibition of Heinz Josef Angerlehner’s collection on occasion of the museum’s 10th anniversary allows for a deepening as well as surprising insight into the diverse inventory of both, Austrian and international art. About 200 works by 125 artists can be marveled at either in the large exhibition hall or the gallery and graphic rooms. The private collector’s passion for art, his sense, his personal predilections and interests are all consciously taken account of. The exhibition created by curator Günther Oberhollenzer underlines unconventional dialogues between the art works – often even beyond practiced art-historical categories. Individual points of view and personal preferences are presented in a confident way. Thematic frameworks concentrate on relevant aspects of painting such as the depiction of man, scenery, color frenzy or abstraction. But also photographic realities, pictorial worlds and sculptural positions can be seen. Due to its associative composition the selection conveys a great deal of the collection’s unique character and invites visitors to immerse themselves in wonderful artistic worlds.


Curator: Günther Oberhollenzer


A comprehensive art book on occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Museum Angerlehner is to be published in spring 2023.



Ausstellungssujet: Ursula Hübner, THE INVISIBLE, 2022, Öl auf Leinwand, 80x70 cm, Ausschnitt,
© Foto: Lukas Dostal

ursula hübner

"the beauty of life"


11. 12. 2022 - 09. 04. 2023



In the exhibition „The Beauty of Life” Ursula Hübner shows new paintings that face the present with all their ambivalence: the darkness of the paintings that describe the approaching that lies behind things, an abyss, the light besides the shade, the sound of earthy colours.


In the following the shown series are presented in fragments:

The series “The invisible” introduces an imagined world or a creature, as well as the end of an outdated form and the beginning of a new existence. The first sketches are called “Organe der Geister” (“Organs of the Ghosts”) and define the insubstantial intrinsic, drawn with the dust of pastel chalks.

The collages “Vase 1-12” describe the necessity to avert the (general) trouble. Based on Immanuel Kant’s thought to see joke as a luxury of heads, whereby joke is only possible in a room that is free of trouble and necessities. For that very reason it is blossoming, like nature is more a game in its flowers and a business in its fruits. The German-Korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han writes about the flowers’ beauty as an expression of a casual and pointless game that is free of any economy. Both these thoughts are fused in Ursula Hübner’s work.

Jars and vases are also determining in the series “Sill Leben” (“Still Life”). Figures stand like guards in the image space. The oil paint does not suffice any more. This is why the Plasticine assumes the part of the glaring and powerful and forms the enigmatic creatures and jars. The coarse element opens up a door to the playful.


The exhibition “The Beauty of Life” is an attempt to make the invisible visible in order to communicate beyond language.



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