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Together or Never

Monja Milzner, Nicole Tschernenko, Jonas Gstattenbauer, Lukas Pürmayr

09.05. - 29.08.2021

The exhibition was sparked by a monumental image that developed in collaboration of the four protagonists over a period of two months. This enormous painting attracted the attention of the museum’s founder and art collector Heinz J. Angerlehner: on the one hand for its complexity and simultaneous compactness and on the other hand because it seemed to be customized for the presentation on the front wall of the large exhibition hall. And so the exhibition came into
being in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and the Leonardo Centre for Creativity and Innovation. The monumental work is complemented by independent work cycles of Milzner, Tschernenko, Gstattenbauer and Pürmayr. While the four artists are each appreciated as talented and interesting and indeed unconventional people, in this group they develop an incredible strike power. The composite work “Common Ground” impresses with its
complexity and at the same time open form and appears to have emerged in a single breath. Like in a process of mutual examination and complementation of the fellow artists the imagery develops into an amazingly dense scenery that in some parts allows ample areas to stand out. The painting with its length of 18 metres contains a richness of imagery/symbolism which on the first sight, however, cannot be allocated to more originators. Only after a close study of
the design vocabulary of Gstattenbauer, Milzner, Pürmayr and Tschernenko, the single elements and parts can be assigned to their individual artistic handwritings.

Christian Bazant-Hegemark


09.05. - 29.08.2021

In his first single exhibition in a museum Christian Bazant-Hegemark provides a manifold insight into his abundant creative activity of the last fifteen years.
On large-scale paintings and detailed drawings we see associations of the unconscious as well as of humans managing trauma, often in an enigmatic setting. The works are visually fragmented and deal with complex questions reaching from psychoanalysis to dream interpretation, from individual to social and political dynamics.

Neither traumatic events nor therapeutic coping processes are shown, but people in everyday situations or in dream sequences.

“The truth of a person does not only show in their surface”, emphasizes the artist. “The introspective glance of the depicted refers to an inner communication that the beholder is not able to hear.”
The paintings go beyond the visible surface. With delicacy and subtle composition Bazant-Hegemark succeeds to create art works that make his protagonists’ psycho traumas perceptible – without betraying or exposing them.

The exhibition is divided into two rooms that seem like the two wings of our lungs. By breathing slowly, those who are traumatized or experience panic attacks can alleviate suffering.

Curator: Günther Oberhollenzer

Antonia Riederer

being free

09.05. - 29.08.2021

In the graphic rooms of the Museum Angerlehner the exhibition “being free“ shows paintings and drawings from the last years of creative activity by Antonia Riederer, an artist from Prambachkirchen.
Riederer’s handwriting is unmistakable: clear colours, the big gesture, the rich pictorial narrative and the repeatedly blurring transition between figurative and abstract elements label her works. Portraits, still lifes and landscape art are the artist’s central subjects.
Through powerful colouring and strong contours – created like in one gesticulatory swing – a timelessness originates that encourages to pause. Body shapes and landscapes are reproduced in dynamic and picturesque liveliness.

Also her drawings are created with rapid, intuitive and confident style and let portraits and objects come to life. The gaze is always turned to the form and its sensual perception. The composition and aesthetic way of expression are more important to Antonia Riederer than the realistic depiction.

“The subjects are far from concrete sociopolitical statements or opinions. Nevertheless, the exhibition’s title “being free” invites to refer to the pointed topicality of global areas of conflict so central like freedom and environment”, says the retired principal of the Kunstuniversität Linz, Reinhard Kannonier.

In the exhibition emerges a dialogue with form and colour. Riederer’s works are masterfully painted, capturing and engaging the beholder. The works are full of light, vividly coloured and a sensual description of the daily occurrence and the landscape that surrounds us – in a way a pictorial transformation of reality.


Museum Angerlehner
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Monday - Friday auf Anfrage (nur für Gruppen)

Saturday 14:00 - 18:00

Sunday 10:00 - 18:00

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