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Demon Theatre - 

Michael Vonbank's puppet show

03. 04. - 25. 09. 2022

Under the slogan “Demon Theatre” the Museum Angerlehner shows from 3 April a comprehensive single presentation of the painter, illustrator, sculptor and litterateur Michael Vonbank. The title says it all: The large exhibition hall transforms into an opulent theatre of stages, which will draw visitors deep into the imaginary worlds of the artist who died young.

In his “Demon Theatre” Michael Vonbank opens up insights into the spectacular drama of inner transformation. His chimaeras or grotesques explore the backgrounds of our existence in permanent transformation between being human, being animal and being demon.

The selection and design of the exhibition by Vitus Weh focuses on the narrational and dialogic foundation of the artistic work by Michael Vonbank, showing him as a precursor in contemporary considerations.

For this reason, big “choral” blocks in the spacious hall reinforce the validity of the single works and interweave the room with their force fields.

The dialogic tension is carried forward by the mini-dramas of the collaborations of Michael Vonbank and Christian Ludwig Attersee and is dynamised in enacted confrontations with other works from the collection Angerlehner.

A Mind of their Own*

Jewellery from Austria.
A focus on female Artists.

03. 04. - 25. 09. 2022

Emphasis is placed on the female protagonists of this period, whose works are presented in relation to specific roles assumed by the middle and young generations of both sexes. This exhibition illustrates the diverse developments in the exciting and heterogeneous jewellery scene that has developed in Austria,
thanks to some specific circumstances. Here we are referring, among other things, to the history of the Wiener Werkstätte (“Vienna Workshop”), using the human body as both a subject and object in the visual arts, and the unique attitude to education in this country.

Since the late 1960s, “author jewellery” has increasingly established
itself internationally as an art form. This new conception not only manifests itself in the use of materials and techniques that are otherwise considered unconventional to making jewellery, but it also reflects and interprets the social, cultural and aesthetic developments of its time. The focus is usually placed on one concept: the use of jewellery as a medium for a statement. Moving away from the notion that jewellery is purely decorative, we see it therefore assuming the form of independent and idiosyncratic objects.

This exhibition aims to bring to life developments that have shaped
today’s jewellery scene in Austria and to establish cross connections between jewellery works from the early years and those of contemporary artists.

Now, for the first time, the Museum Angerlehner is showing contemporary jewellery, demonstrating a change in perspective. The exhibition and the accompanying publication show how female artists have played a decisive role in shaping the widely acclaimed jewellery scene of Austria’s avant-garde. All this becomes clear not only through their works, but also in their influence on subsequent
generations of jewellery makers.

* Reference to the exhibition Kunst mit Eigen-Sinn. Aktuelle Kunst von Frauen (“Willful Art: Contemporary Art by Women”), 1985 at the Museum des 20. Jahrhunderts (“Museum of the 20th Century”), Vienna


Eva Afuhs, AND_i, Andrea Auer, Elisabeth Altenburg, Isolde
Baumhackl-Oswald, Gabriele Kutschera, Sonja Bischur, BLESS, Susanne Blin, Gunda Maria Cancola, Elisabeth J. Gu. Defner, Petr Dvorak, Benedikt Fischer, Verena Formanek, Ursula Guttmann, Pia Groh, Andrea MAXA Halmschlager, Elisabeth Habig, Susanne Hammer, Margit Hart, Brigitte Haubenhofer-Salicites, Anna Heindl,
Alexandra Hofer, Christian Hoedl, Paul Iby, Ulrike Johannsen, Beatrix Kaufmann, Michelle Kraemer, Brigitte Lang, Erika Leitner, Jaqueline I. Lillie, Gerti Machacek, Doris Maninger, Theresa Macourek, Stephie Morawetz, Martina Mühlfellner, Anita Münz, Viktoria Münzker, paula.paul, Nadine Pramhas, Konstanze Prechtl, Ulrich Reithofer, Anna Riess, Eva Schmeiser-Čadia, Veronika Schwarzinger, Ina Seidl, Claudia Steiner, Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele, Waltrud Viehböck, Birgit Wiesinger/Eva Tesarik, Ulrike Zehetbauer-Engelhart, Petra Zimmermann.

SaŠa makarová

"traum und wirklichkeit"


08. 05. - 25. 09. 2022


The Museum Angerlehner shows the latest works by Saša Makarová from 8 May to 25 September 2022 in the exhibition TRAUM UND WIRKLICHKEIT.

An obvious central topic in her entire creative activity is the sounding of female positions and perspectives. The paintings are guided by own experiences and biographic events, but still own a universal relevance and master the leap from being purely personal to addressing social and political questions.

Andrea Marbach



13. 02. - 22. 05. 2022



With the exhibition „Andrea Marbach. Vor-Bilder” the Museum Angerlehner dedicates a first institutional exhibition to the Vienna-based painter who was raised in Upper Austria. In her works Marbach (born 1966 in Salzburg) connects cityscapes , still lifes and paraphrases of old masters with a critical attitude. The making visible of women, men, people of color and nature goes hand in hand with a knowledgeable examination of art-historical traditions. Details of famous works of the western art history meet picturesque plein-air paintings or interieurs – with a tongue-in-cheek reframing. Based on the idea of the open work, art owners can change their paintings within the given framework. The exhibition of the Museum Angerlehner features around 40 works from the last 20 years.


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