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Peter Baldinger – Facing the Renaissance
21. 01. – 21. 05. 2018

It has always been questions of perception that preoccupy Baldinger. In these image flooded, mechanically reproduced times, he has increasingly considered alienation and screening techniques as a means to explore the tension between the traditional nature of representation and the aesthetics of 'concrete' art, which is an art composed of basic geometric forms.

Taking the Old Masters such as Cranach, Velázquez, Tintoretto or Veronese as his subjects, Baldinger achieved surprising intensity in his painting series 'Diffusions', distorting the work of his subjects, as if seen through corrugated glass. Now, in his recent 'low_resolutions', these depictions have been abstracted further to expose the essence of their colour values. Drawn together to form large-area "pixels", these new works create unexpected, enjoyable effects.

Johannes Deutsch – The Rape of Persephone
21. 01. – 15. 05. 2018

This exhibition, by artist Johannes Deutsch, shows an extensive series of works from the last five years, which blends themes from antiquity with the present. The ancient myth of the 'Rape of Persephone', with its classification of the cycle of the seasons, was of great importance in the public life of antiquity. Christianity struggled with these same themes up until the 16th century. During the Renaissance, such depictions - of life in the underworld - once again became subjects for artistic consideration.


In Deutsch's images, basic themes of cultural and historical development are blended with the contemporary. These photographic works were created from various forms of art and practice, in artistic pursuit of the realisation of polyphony. In this sense, 'The Underworld' becomes a lively nocturnal city, in which spaces from different historical periods naturally merge into one other in continuous procession.

Bianca Kiso – Burning Art
11. 02. – 21. 05. 2018

Continuing its exhibition series in the museum's salon, from 11th February to 22nd April, 2018, Museum Angerlehner presents the exhibition, 'Burning Art' by Bianca Kiso. Kiso is a self-taught master of encaustics - hot wax painting. One of the oldest art forms, the encaustic technique dates back to before 1,000 BC. Using a method of heating beeswax, selected colour pigments are baked onto specially prepared surfaces. This manufacturing technique, handed down over thousands of years, is unique in making works durable against external influences almost indefinitely, allowing artworks to be preserved for eternity. The elaborate process has always been expensive and requires great craftsmanship.

Bianca Kiso has dedicated herself for many years to all facets of encaustic painting. Through the challenging technique, the artist experiences constant ups and downs which she incorporates, alongside her own personal experiences and drives, into the pictures. This exhibition presents three themed groups from the past four years: Abstract, portraits and semi-figurative works.



08. 10. 2017 – 30. 07. 2018

North, East, South, West - Austrian art of the last seven decades is measured in all directions by means of art-coordinates. Four territories of artistic language are delineated: abstraction, the figurative, gesture and imagination. With around 60 works of art, spanning painting, graphics and sculpture from 1958 to 2017, the collection presents a broad panorama. Amidst a web of relationships, inspirations and analogies, like in any large family, there is also room for stark contrasts and the occurrence of singular, individual phenomena.

Museum Angerlehner